About Us

Welcome to TaintedTats. Want a tattoo? F*ck you! No, really, our “fuck you” tattoo is a popular choice. Freaky or geeky, flirty or dirty, we make the delightfully distasteful tattoos that no one else will. TaintedTats is an equal opportunity offender and our only enemy is censorship. We offer designs by featured tattoo artists as well as our originals.

While some of our tattoos may be dirty, you can bet your ass they are safe. Our products are made in the good ol' US of A, and exceed all safety standards. Need something even nastier? Your conscience is the limit when you order a custom adult tattoo: just send us some artwork and pray for forgiveness.

For questions, concerns, partnership requests and existential crises, please see our contact us page.

Meet Our Team


Queen of Tainted

Bow down to the queen of Tainted. This awesome website, she created it. She has the bad bitch attitude to run it, and gives us all of her marketing knowledge so we don’t “f” it up. You have her to thank for turning your dirty thoughts into temporary tattoos that only your Mama would love you for.


Public Relations Mistress

While Tainted may be naughty-minded, when we get into real trouble Chelsey pulls us out of the woods. She gives us a good spanking, and goes about her day making sure that we’ve learned our lesson. You don’t want to mess with this Michigander.


The Email Overlord

He’s a ginger with a vast knowledge of computer skills (explains why he has no soul). All those cool emails we spam you with? You can thank this guy cause he knows how to get around your spam folder- sorry not sorry Google.


Social Media Guru

She’s an angel with devil eyes. Cute and sweet on the outside, but get her talking Tainted and you’ll learn things you didn’t even know existed. This social media guru is what turns you kids over to the dark (and obviously more fun) side!


Grandmaster Codesmith

Jameel’s a tech robot that we purchased to program our websites with cool coding skills. Sometimes he tries to tell us about his hobbies and life. We’re still trying to figure out how to uninstall that. Ask him about his puppies though, and that’s when you get an ear-full cause.

And a big shout-out to all our talented doodlebugs (a.k.a design team)

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