About Us

Welcome to TaintedTats. Want a tattoo? F*ck you! No, really, our “fuck you” tattoo is a popular choice. Freaky or geeky, flirty or dirty, we make the delightfully distasteful tattoos that no one else will. TaintedTats is an equal opportunity offender and our only enemy is censorship. We offer designs by featured tattoo artists as well as our originals.

While some of our tattoos may be dirty, you can bet your ass they are safe. Our products are made in the good ol' US of A, and exceed all safety standards. Need something even nastier? Your conscience is the limit when you order a custom adult tattoo: just send us some artwork and pray for forgiveness.

For questions, concerns, partnership requests and existential crises, please see our contact us page.

Meet Our Team


Head Honcho

He calls the shots (and they’re usually whiskey). He’s got big ideas and an even bigger mouth. We tried to get him to grow up and stop drawing dicks and laughing to himself and showing us his dick drawings and making us uncomfortable but since that didn’t work, we all just signed waiver forms and created this company.


Marketing Overlord

She makes ecommerce websites and terrible jokes. We recently found out that she doesn't know what a furry is... please allow her to remain innocent and dear god, nobody tell her. 


Grandmaster Codesmith

Jameel mostly keeps to himself. He’s a sex robot that we purchased to program our websites. Sometimes he tries to tell us about his hobbies and interests and stuff. We’re still trying to figure out how to uninstall that.


Da Noob

This fashionista is well on her way to being fully Tainted. Send us all your hazing ideas!

And a big shout-out to all our talented doodlebugs (a.k.a design team)

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