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Custom TaintedTats FAQ

What’s the difference?
Regular TaintedTats are the classic finish you had as a wee little ankle-biter. Aiming for a realistic-looking tattoo? This is what you want.
Metallic TaintedTats are bright, blingy skin tinsel. For showstoppers only.
Glow TaintedTats turn you into a human nightlight. Hey girl, you scared of the dark?
When will I get my TaintedTats?
Regular TaintedTats take just 5 business days to print. Metallic TaintedTats are ready to send to you in 10-12 business days, and Glow TaintedTats are off the press in 10 business days.
WTF is white ink?
White ink makes colors brighter on Regular TaintedTats, adds extra juice to Glow TaintedTats, and is a no-go for Metallic TaintedTats. We won’t print a white background on your image unless specifically requested it (‘cuz that’s weird).
Image tips?
Don’t bother flipping your image (we got this). Get that resolution high (300 dpi or above). Photos make pretty awesome tats but be sure to crop in the shape you want. There’s plenty of free graphics programs online (like if you’re not a professional artist.
Design my TaintedTats?
We won’t design your tats but we’ll spruce ‘em up for print. If you have minor changes, let us know in the “Special Instructions” field. We’re not mind-readers.
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