Custom Glow TaintedTats


Compatible file extensions to upload: eps,pdf,jpg,jpeg,gif,tif,ai,png,psd

Maximum number of characters: 500

Upload an image to order a custom tattoo

Print Time: 10 business days

Want to approve your TaintedTats before we make ‘em? Let us know in the “Special Instructions” area. We’ll get back to you with an image in a day or two, and print after you say “go”.

White Ink

Choose your desired effect from these options:

Spot White Ink (Lite on Light)

Only certain areas will glow when charged in light. Tell us where you want it in the “Special Instructions” area.

Flood White Ink (Ready to Rave)

White areas will glow the brightest, but entire design will illuminate when charged.

Image Files

JPG / TIFF / PDF files are best. Get that resolution high (300 dpi or more). 

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